Barker “hijacked”

Time of tension in the Team NZ off late- Dean Barker has declared that he was nothing less than “hijacked” to reveal about the issues in ETNZ during America’s Cup.

In a recent interview the celebrated skipper was seen conceding questions regarding whether the ETNZ team manager Dalton (Grant) was inclined to take part in the championships. Barker also confessed that it was wrong to permit opposite squad Oracle into having lay day last September in 7-1 score- the decision which the team manager finalized without any consultation with anybody in the squad.

As Peter Lester, the commentator said- “It is a pity that it has gone public. But it is out now & the guys are needed to collect themselves together when Dalton comes back & air these issues, which they usually do.”

The duo would have forget the entire episode if they wish to find themselves in a potential status for the 2017 Cup, Lester added in. As per his statements, the ETNZ skipper was never much comfortable before the TV cameras.

“I feel he might’ve been hijacked at the show & he possibly hijacked himself as well. But definitely when you are on the roll, it is really hard to be careful on what you are talking about”, Lester seemed considerate about Barker.

The recent public revelations might imply huge and lasting damage for the esteemed sailing squad but Lester is hopeful that the impact might not be that severe as well.
Meanwhile, Barker’s revelations would not bring any harm on the 5 million USD worth Government funding that is pledged for upcoming campaign, assured Steve Joyce, the Minister of Economic Development.

“The key point is that the team would have to come up with the right members. I won’t be offering any input regarding how they are going to rearrange themselves”, said Joyce.