Secrets for Sailing You Should Know

With the help of these sailing tips, you will literally enjoy sailing in the safest and fun way. You might really be surprised to know that it starts before you step into your sailboat. These are the little-known secrets for weekend cruising, day sailing or for offshore and coastal sailing.

Take Your Grab Bag
Carry your own ‘must have’ grab bag. Match the contents to the sailing type you do. This bag is the one thing you can have in emergency. If you want to leave the boat, you need some basic items like wallet, extra keys, change, cell phone, and ID to get your home safely. Pack your own belongings for safe sailing.

Pack Right Clothes
Bad clothes are as bad as unfavorable weather. So, it makes sense a lot in sailing. Take a small duffel bag with your sailing gear. Have a change of clothes, foul weather jacket and wide brimmed hat. If you have to stay out for longer or get spray or rain, you can stay warm and dry in sailing weather.

Have a Sailing Knife
People are likely to leave knives and similar accessories on their belts. It is little bulky and weighty on hot day if you’re yacht chartering in Croatia but you can find a small knife which will fit into sheath or it has a clip which will fasten to sailing shorts.

Build up Wrist Strength
Do you know that soreness and wrist injuries affect sailors? Wrists are highly used to steer the boat, hoist, crank on winches, or lower sail, raise or lower the anchor, aft on the boat, or move ahead. This way, you have to use a soft ball and squeeze, hold on for 10 seconds and release. Repeat this process when you sit or walk several times in a day. This simple exercise reduces the chances of injury.