Sybaris ‘comes out’ from Perini Navi Shed

The new seventy meter sailing yacht Sybaris, from Perini Navi, has left the shed today – revealing her magnificent design – as construction phases go on the 2nd biggest Perini ever made.

The dynamic and powerful lines of Sybaris – projected in house by Perini Navi Technical and Design office – are all set to boast unequaled sailing prowess thanks to Philippe Briand’s perceptivity into the sail plan and naval architecture. Continue reading “Sybaris ‘comes out’ from Perini Navi Shed”

Yacht on fire, no loss of life

A retired Navy personnel whose US$ 100000 uninsured yacht was ruined by fire told that those onboard left to save themselves as huge flames engrossed the vessel He added that other yachts that were sailing past did not offer them to help.
Sixty-four year old Graham Marr was out on a sail along Port River with his family friends when the thirty-six foot yacht became engulfed in fire in the Barker Inlet, near St Kilda channel north of Adelaide, Australia.
The coastguard got a distress call around lunchtime that a yacht caught huge fire. The Metropolitan Fire Service sent their patrol vessel Gallantry to deal with the blaze. Mr Marr told that the timber caught alight in the engine room and a young lady onboard – a little girl – first noticed it and she rushed in and gave them warning that there was smoke. The shut the engines down immediately and they went straight to anchor, got everybody off. There was nothing they could do, they set off all the fire extinguishers they had on board.

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Defending champs clinch a short lead

Lipton Cup 2015’s Day 1 started in San Diego Bay with contestants from yacht clubs throughout the United States excited to be taking part in the lovely weather. The Race Committee was able to start the first race underway after an hour postponement with reproducible winds out of the Northwest at 5-10 knots.

St. Francis Yacht Club, the defending champ, leaped to an early lead with magnificent boat speed. They were able to cruise across the end line for the Race 1 victory. The second race shook up things as San Diego Yacht Club snatched the first spot, when New York Yacht Club made grand improvements from tenth in the 1st race to third in the 2nd. Newport Harbor Yacht Club was not able to keep their strong fourth spot from the 1st race as they fell back to twelfth in the second.

St francis

The winds went up for the third race, gusting at 12 to15 kts and kept steady the rest of the day, which helped the Croatia Bareboat charter team.

San Diego made on their success with a 2nd win. Larchmont jumped into the race with a second place end, improving from their earlier 7 and 4, when St. Francis ended strong again with a third spot. California Yacht Club revealed their skills in the fourth race by taking the lead at the 1st windward mark rounding as well as keeping it through the endline. San Francisco jumped up to second from the back of the fleet in the first 3 races and San Diego Yacht Club fell to third.

Yacht & Boat Korea starts at Changwon

Gyeongnam Province is all set to see the 8th Yacht & Boat Korea and Sports Fair (i.e. the 2015 Yacht & Boat Korea) at the Changwon Exhibition Conventional Center. The event will take place from 30th April to 3rd May.

The event started its journey in 2007. The Yacht & Boat Korea’s contract performance built up to over 100 billion won. Previous year, as it joined International Federation of Boat Show Organizers, it turned into a certified as an international boat exhibit. Continue reading “Yacht & Boat Korea starts at Changwon”

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

The Australian National Maritime Museum has launched a photographic exhibition in the Tasman Light Gallery to honor the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and to celebrate the 70th edition of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

This exhibition brilliantly highlights some magnificent images captured of the 69 year old race. It also shows the advancement that has been brought about in the designs of the yacht and this has been revealed by Katherine Gillett’s sketch drawings to the 100 foot maxi yachts shown through CAD drawings. Continue reading “Sydney Hobart Yacht Race”

Special Yacht Of The Year Is Saphire 27

Saphire 27 has been selected as the winner for the most special yacht for the year 2012/13. The announcement was done on the 18th of January 2014 at a boat show held in Dusseldorf which was also hosting the European Yacht of the Year Awards. People were really happy with the decision because the Saphire 27 is one of a kind. Yachting World presented the award to the team and the decision for this category was quite a difficult one to make because of the other nominees who were equally good. The team of Saphire 27 was overwhelmed with this news.

There were many reasons why the Saphire 27 was chosen as the winner for this category. First of all it would serve the course for both the racing circuit as well it can be used for vacationing purposes. Apart from that the boat is shorthanded and very easy to manage that would allow the helmsman to drive with easy. It has sharp aggressive looks which makes it appear beautiful on the water. The mainsail has been kept large for this boat so that while cruising the direction does not change. Apart from this the top has been made in a square shape. The retractable carbon bowsprit has also been added to this model. This is a new feature which was not present in any of the other boats that were in the nomination list. The masthead asymmetric spinnaker along with the hull chine makes the boat quite aggressive and it will be really helpful for the helmsman while driving. This was done keeping in mind the wind changes during the races and the adjustment of the boat with the changing wind. €49,000 has been tagged as the price of the boat and that would attract the attention of many teams for the championships to come.

Barker “hijacked”

Time of tension in the Team NZ off late- Dean Barker has declared that he was nothing less than “hijacked” to reveal about the issues in ETNZ during America’s Cup.

In a recent interview the celebrated skipper was seen conceding questions regarding whether the ETNZ team manager Dalton (Grant) was inclined to take part in the championships. Barker also confessed that it was wrong to permit opposite squad Oracle into having lay day last September in 7-1 score- the decision which the team manager finalized without any consultation with anybody in the squad.

As Peter Lester, the commentator said- “It is a pity that it has gone public. But it is out now & the guys are needed to collect themselves together when Dalton comes back & air these issues, which they usually do.”

The duo would have forget the entire episode if they wish to find themselves in a potential status for the 2017 Cup, Lester added in. As per his statements, the ETNZ skipper was never much comfortable before the TV cameras.

“I feel he might’ve been hijacked at the show & he possibly hijacked himself as well. But definitely when you are on the roll, it is really hard to be careful on what you are talking about”, Lester seemed considerate about Barker.

The recent public revelations might imply huge and lasting damage for the esteemed sailing squad but Lester is hopeful that the impact might not be that severe as well.
Meanwhile, Barker’s revelations would not bring any harm on the 5 million USD worth Government funding that is pledged for upcoming campaign, assured Steve Joyce, the Minister of Economic Development.

“The key point is that the team would have to come up with the right members. I won’t be offering any input regarding how they are going to rearrange themselves”, said Joyce.

Throttle Down The Huangpu River

Opening up a throttle by enthusiasts down the Huangpu River is an easy activity now. Here on the Yachting Day the maximum speed is increased to eighteen knots on elected areas of the river, the usual limit being 8 knots. This event though took place first in the month of September but now it is a matter of every month. There were 16 yachts participating in Yachting Day who sailed along from the Bund to Xupu Bridge between 2-4pm. The sources from the Huangpu District Maritime Safety Administration say that the yachting date of every month will not remain the same because the river conditions are to be taken into consideration before fixing the date. The officials will be putting up notices beforehand and then they will make the reservations accordingly. It has also been informed by the officials that the yacht owners can avoid the formalities like the routine procedures and the paperwork.

It has been stated by the boat builders that this initiative would help them to present their boats to the would-be customers who would want to buy a boat for yachting in future. Yachting Day would pull up the conditions of their business considerably was the statement by Ni Dacheng who is the manager of the Yihong Yacht Co. Two boat manufacturing companies took part in the event with the customers interested in yachting for a sail along the river. It is good news for the potential buyers that they do not have to complete the passenger documents to take part in the Yachting Day. After experiencing a sail, the customers will be more likely to buy the vessel, exclaimed Ni.

The officials have made it clear that yacht owners should contact their clubs to take part in the yachting day who will be responsible for the application procedures. The officials also added that the departments managing the shipping lanes are communicated constantly by the maritime authorities so that the normal shipping operations are not hampered by this particular event.

Craig & Roberts comes up as winners

Alan Roberts & Nick Craig (Merlin Rocket) have come up as the 2013 winners of Endeavour Championships. The 8-race dinghy racing event was hosted as Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.

After coming 2nd to Fireball’s Richard Anderton and Christian Birrell in the inaugural race of the event, Roberts and Craig emerged with quite a stellar series of 7 straight wins. The overall win marks a phenomenal occasion for Nick, letting him into the coveted record book of Endeavour Trophy winner for 6 times. It puts him ahead of Geoff Carveth, the erstwhile record holder. In fact, Merlin Rocket is arguably the 1st team to win on the championship with 7 first places.

The 2013 Endeavour Trophy was undoubtedly a grand win for both Craig & Roberts as they got the opportunity to showcase their dynamism in both the breezy and light conditions. Albeit Craig confessed of his discomfort with light airs, yet he & Roberts managed to flaunt a fantastic display of very tactical light-wind sail on the esteemed championship. The final day of the championship found the winners extremely comfortable in spite of a slightly slower start in initial race where they were pushed to the 9th position at the 1st mark.

Fireball’s Anderton & Birrell was leading the race yet by the 2nd beat it was the Roberts-Craig brilliant camaraderie that detoured the entire fate of the race pulling it in the favor of Merlin Rocket. It was pretty tough for the Merlin duo as apart from the stiff competition from Fireball, they had to battle a strong fight against highly competing RS800’s James Date & Toby Wincer. RS800 came to the 2nd position in the event.

“The main key to the victory was undoubtedly Alan, He nailed down every gybe, tack, hoist & drop – everything was simply perfect”, Craig was in full praise of his team mate while asked to comment on the win. Merlin Rocket contended with Topper Xenon.