Throttle Down The Huangpu River

Opening up a throttle by enthusiasts down the Huangpu River is an easy activity now. Here on the Yachting Day the maximum speed is increased to eighteen knots on elected areas of the river, the usual limit being 8 knots. This event though took place first in the month of September but now it is a matter of every month. There were 16 yachts participating in Yachting Day who sailed along from the Bund to Xupu Bridge between 2-4pm. The sources from the Huangpu District Maritime Safety Administration say that the yachting date of every month will not remain the same because the river conditions are to be taken into consideration before fixing the date. The officials will be putting up notices beforehand and then they will make the reservations accordingly. It has also been informed by the officials that the yacht owners can avoid the formalities like the routine procedures and the paperwork.

It has been stated by the boat builders that this initiative would help them to present their boats to the would-be customers who would want to buy a boat for yachting in future. Yachting Day would pull up the conditions of their business considerably was the statement by Ni Dacheng who is the manager of the Yihong Yacht Co. Two boat manufacturing companies took part in the event with the customers interested in yachting for a sail along the river. It is good news for the potential buyers that they do not have to complete the passenger documents to take part in the Yachting Day. After experiencing a sail, the customers will be more likely to buy the vessel, exclaimed Ni.

The officials have made it clear that yacht owners should contact their clubs to take part in the yachting day who will be responsible for the application procedures. The officials also added that the departments managing the shipping lanes are communicated constantly by the maritime authorities so that the normal shipping operations are not hampered by this particular event.