Training Organized To Train Disabled Sailors

Now, it is substantiated that the fourth edition of annual Oakcliff/Clagett Match Race Clinic and Regatta for disabled sailors will take place in September 2019 the dates are 20-22, 2019. It will be hosted in yacht club Sagamore located in Oyster Bay. And this is the second time this event is taking place here.

In the third edition of this race, Dave Perry and Dave Dellenbaugh who are the world recognized coaches of match racing passed on the skill and knowledge of sailing to the sailors who participated in the session from all over the United States. In the first edition of this race, many sailors participated in the race; however, the winners were mostly the new sailors. Those who took home the honors were Kevin Holmberg and his crew Noah Barrengos and Jeff Long.

Judy Clagett McLennan, who is the President and Co-Founder Clagett said, “The race has proved its popularity among sailors with some disabilities. We have received feedbacks of sailors and that shows that sailors excited to learn sailing skills and being able to race in matches in different formats.”Those are looking for more information regarding the match race Clagett/Oakcliff Clinic and Regatta can check the website Complete details are present on the website along with some important contact numbers for more assistance.

One of the sailors taking part in the race spoke about the race and said, “This race started in the year 2016 and it is a great platform for sailors like me to learn new skills as well as to showcase what we know. So, we are excited about this race.” The event is jointly hosted by the Yacht Club Saga more and The Waterfront Center, yacht club Seawanhaka Corinthian and the Sail Ahead with the motto “Reach for Success.”