Secrets for Sailing You Should Know

With the help of these sailing tips, you will literally enjoy sailing in the safest and fun way. You might really be surprised to know that it starts before you step into your sailboat. These are the little-known secrets for weekend cruising, day sailing or for offshore and coastal sailing.

Take Your Grab Bag
Carry your own ‘must have’ grab bag. Match the contents to the sailing type you do. This bag is the one thing you can have in emergency. If you want to leave the boat, you need some basic items like wallet, extra keys, change, cell phone, and ID to get your home safely. Pack your own belongings for safe sailing. Continue reading “Secrets for Sailing You Should Know”

Sybaris ‘comes out’ from Perini Navi Shed

The new seventy meter sailing yacht Sybaris, from Perini Navi, has left the shed today – revealing her magnificent design – as construction phases go on the 2nd biggest Perini ever made.

The dynamic and powerful lines of Sybaris – projected in house by Perini Navi Technical and Design office – are all set to boast unequaled sailing prowess thanks to Philippe Briand’s perceptivity into the sail plan and naval architecture. Continue reading “Sybaris ‘comes out’ from Perini Navi Shed”

Yacht on fire, no loss of life

A retired Navy personnel whose US$ 100000 uninsured yacht was ruined by fire told that those onboard left to save themselves as huge flames engrossed the vessel He added that other yachts that were sailing past did not offer them to help.
Sixty-four year old Graham Marr was out on a sail along Port River with his family friends when the thirty-six foot yacht became engulfed in fire in the Barker Inlet, near St Kilda channel north of Adelaide, Australia.
The coastguard got a distress call around lunchtime that a yacht caught huge fire. The Metropolitan Fire Service sent their patrol vessel Gallantry to deal with the blaze. Mr Marr told that the timber caught alight in the engine room and a young lady onboard – a little girl – first noticed it and she rushed in and gave them warning that there was smoke. The shut the engines down immediately and they went straight to anchor, got everybody off. There was nothing they could do, they set off all the fire extinguishers they had on board.

Continue reading “Yacht on fire, no loss of life”

Defending champs clinch a short lead

Lipton Cup 2015’s Day 1 started in San Diego Bay with contestants from yacht clubs throughout the United States excited to be taking part in the lovely weather. The Race Committee was able to start the first race underway after an hour postponement with reproducible winds out of the Northwest at 5-10 knots.

St. Francis Yacht Club, the defending champ, leaped to an early lead with magnificent boat speed. They were able to cruise across the end line for the Race 1 victory. The second race shook up things as San Diego Yacht Club snatched the first spot, when New York Yacht Club made grand improvements from tenth in the 1st race to third in the 2nd. Newport Harbor Yacht Club was not able to keep their strong fourth spot from the 1st race as they fell back to twelfth in the second.

St francis

The winds went up for the third race, gusting at 12 to15 kts and kept steady the rest of the day, which helped the Croatia Bareboat charter team.

San Diego made on their success with a 2nd win. Larchmont jumped into the race with a second place end, improving from their earlier 7 and 4, when St. Francis ended strong again with a third spot. California Yacht Club revealed their skills in the fourth race by taking the lead at the 1st windward mark rounding as well as keeping it through the endline. San Francisco jumped up to second from the back of the fleet in the first 3 races and San Diego Yacht Club fell to third.

Yacht club arranges open house

Astoria Yacht Club is arranging an open house from 1pm to 4pm, on Sunday, in their clubroom on West Mooring Basin at 300 Industry, Suite 201. Those who are interested in learning more regarding the Yacht Club as well as their boating activities is invited to meet with present members as well as other interested boaters.

Anyone interested in specific areas of activity, bands would meet with the following schedule – 1:30 pm, Sea Scouts, which is open to young adults – i.e. age 14 and older, 2 pm, Cruising and Power Boating, cruises and where to go on river, 2:30 pm, Small boats/Kayaking, for those enthusiastic about group paddling and 3 pm, Sail Racing.

Meanwhile, those who drives through the Fort Myers and Cape Coral is set to cross a bridge over Caloosahatchee River before a whole lot of miles have passed. Even though the bridges give breathtaking views, there are other ways to relish this nearly seventy mile long river that stretches westward from western edge of Lake Okeechobee to the San Carlos Bay. Continue reading “Yacht club arranges open house”

Yacht & Boat Korea starts at Changwon

Gyeongnam Province is all set to see the 8th Yacht & Boat Korea and Sports Fair (i.e. the 2015 Yacht & Boat Korea) at the Changwon Exhibition Conventional Center. The event will take place from 30th April to 3rd May.

The event started its journey in 2007. The Yacht & Boat Korea’s contract performance built up to over 100 billion won. Previous year, as it joined International Federation of Boat Show Organizers, it turned into a certified as an international boat exhibit. Continue reading “Yacht & Boat Korea starts at Changwon”

The M2M2B Yacht Rally to be held

This interesting yacht race allows the amateur crews as well as cruising yacht to participate in an exciting race for the joy and pleasure of sailing. This race will start the next year the Buzzards Bay of Marion from the 19th of June, 2015 and will end at St. David’s Head Bermuda.

In fact to mark the beginning of this spectacular event, the Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race. Inc and the Harraseeket Yacht Club which is the event host will be organizing a cruising yacht rally named the M2M2B. This rally will help the yacht skippers based in Maine to sail from Maine to Marion as they prepare their boats for the 2015 grand race.

This rally that will be sponsored by The Hinckley Company, Points East Magazine, and Brooklin Boat Yard, will commence with a welcome reception and dinner on the 14th of June, that will be hosted at the the Harraseeket Yacht Club. The first yacht to complete the rally at the stipulated period of time will be awarded a trophy. Continue reading “The M2M2B Yacht Rally to be held”