Work For America’s Cup Future

Gary Jobson is a multi-times winner of the America’s Cup understands this match very well and connects with it efficiently.

Jobson shared his vision about the America’s Cup and spoke about action that should be taken in this tournament in the future.

He said, since 1962, he is witnessing this championship and thus have got wide eyes on it and he has never been amazed with it. Talking about the 34th America’s Cup he said, “The fascinating thing about 34th event was not the boats. But, it was the sailor’s comeback; the show was of more of the people then of boats.  US made a comeback after a lot of struggle that was quite impressive.”

Talking about the 35th America’s Cup, which is going to take place in Bermuda, Jobson said, “When I heard Larry Ellison has taken this event to Bermuda, I was getting disappointed. It is not like there is any problem with Bermuda, it is a nice place and wonderful for sailing, I have sailed here so many times. But, the place does not come in the United State and this is a disappointment for me.”

Speaking about the boats that will be used in sailing at the America’s Cup, he said, “The 15 meter AC Class boat that will be used to sail is fine, but the problem is in America’s Cup sailors are not related to this catamaran of foiling type. Instead, the IACC boats or 12 meter AC boats that were used between 1992 and 2007 are just the larger version of what they are sailing now. This relating to these boats is very much possible for them.”

Jabson also shared his thought about what should be done in America’s Cup making it more challenging and interesting. The tips shared by Jabson were worth can be taken into consideration.