Mule a Speedy Workhorse for American Magic Sailing Crew

It is the combination of an awesome looking test boat named Mule and the technology from Airbus, aviation giant is giving the NYYC American Magic a flying beginning toward trying to win America’s Cup in two years.

When Mule that has the height of 38-foot reaches to a specific speed, it undergoes a visual transformation. The yacht gets this as it lifts up on slices and hydrofoils across the waves’ top. The American magic has confirmed that this week it is sailing “dry laps” in Florida at its winter base. The hull of Mule never touches the water; instead, it flies on foils, it all the way around sailing course, which is roughly about two miles across and six miles long.

Terry Hutchinson, the executive director and skipper of American Magic shared in an interview, “When the right direction breeze is achieved, Mule can do about 16 miles of sailing out from the water. It is amazing to see how quick it is happening.”

The rival organizations have also seen this development in Mule, but according to the information shared by American Magic, Mule is doing the dry laps for nearly a month.

This step is a big one and the reason for the same is that American Magic is the only one team among the seven teams taking part in America’s Cup 2021 that is building the closest thing that allows by the rules what the real AC75 race boat will appear and perform like. AM is making the AC75 in the Rhode Island and they are expecting that it will get finished by the 2019 mid-summer.

American magic is not patting on its back, because of the reason that team ever felt they have a good amount of time to prepare for the marquee regatta of sailing.